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Dr. Brian Wussow

My Success Story

I am 51.  I have always been healthy.  I exercised, tried to eat right, took herbs and natural medicines.  Lower back pain has been gradually increasing since a surgery nine years ago and Advil had become a normal part of my daily "diet".  

Then one morning, I woke up and could not make a fist or open my fingers.  My fingers would lock.  The pain was so bad; I couldn't brush my teeth or pour a cup of coffee.  As weeks passed, it moved to my wrists, knees and ankles.  After various tests and medications, my physician and a rheumatologist hypothesized it was RA.  Pain medications had given me some relief from the RA, but my back was still unbearable.  

It was my hair stylist who told me about Dr. Wussow and how he had helped her with her back pain.  Within two weeks I met with Dr. Wussow.  I was fatigued, depressed and worn out from the pain.  Any type of activity was painful.  This included the gardening and shopping that I loved so much.  I forced myself to do things and would last up to 20 minutes then have to lie on the floor with my knees to my chest.  In addition to the prescribed NSAIDS, I was taking about 15 Advil a day.

That was three months ago.  Dr. Wussow started his chiropractic magic, prescribed a diet and exercises and started me on enzymes.  Last week, the day after Thanksgiving, I power shopped all day.  Normally, I would have had to take several Advil before I started and every couple of hours during shopping to keep the pain manageable.  This time I shopped all morning before I even noticed I had a lower back!  A couple of Advil took me through the rest of the shopping afternoon.

I still get back aches after a few hours of physical activity, but not enough to require medicine.  In fact, I no longer need Icy Hot packs or ice packs.  I simply take a break or move to a less strenuous activity.

My back is just the beginning… I have energy.  I can function in my job with Autistic kids as well as work on remodeling our home.  Another very pleasant surprise is that for the first time in years, I can get to sleep at night without a sleep aide and I stay asleep because I'm not getting up to urinate four times during the night.  Nor am I having to rush to the bathroom every couple of hours during the day like I used to.  I have experienced some minor bouts of RA, but it continues to be manageable.  I believe if I continue to balance my lifestyle habits, get periodic adjustments, and maintain a healthy digestive system, I will be able to continue this enjoyable journey of freedom from pain and enthusiasm for life.  

I highly recommend Dr. Wussow, his treatment and his staff.  Going to the doctor will no longer be a dreaded necessity, but a pleasant visit with people who will not only help you but guide and encourage you.  

I'm extremely grateful to have my life back and can't wait for Spring gardening!

C.L. - Mineral Point

I grew up on a farm in Western Colorado and, even though there was always something to do, I only wanted to do one thing:  ride horses.  I've been bucked off, stepped on, and bitten so many times through the years that I've lost count.  The bumps and bruises healed with time, and although I was fortunate enough to have never broken any bones, there were other things that I began to experience.  I had a hard time concentrating in school and I couldn't get comfortable at night to fall asleep.

These problems continued for the next several years and then, about three years ago, I began getting headaches which soon turned into migraines.  I was taking nearly 3000 mg. of Tylenol each day, but the migraines were so severe the Tylenol rarely relieved the pain.  Unable to bear anymore, I went to my family doctor and told her about the headaches and the problems I was having with concentration.  She diagnosed me with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and I was given two prescriptions:  one for the migraines and one for the ADD.  As a stay at home mom with three kids, I was uncomfortable taking both medications, so I chose to take the one to treat the ADD.

I started feeling pretty good but after only a couple of weeks, I had become numb to nearly everything around me.  I felt I was unable to perform my duties as a mother and so, against my doctor's wishes, I stopped taking the medication.  

It was about a year later that I was led to Dr. Wussow's office for my first appointment.  He made me feel so welcome, and he was confident that he could help me with my headaches.  He took some x-rays and found that years ago I had sustained a whiplash injury from one of many falls.  There was no doubt that my years spent with horses had slowly been taking their toll on my body.  Dr. Wussow created a plan for me and I was adjusted for the first time.  After just a few adjustments, my headaches became less painful and less frequent.  I began falling asleep when I went to bed instead of tossing and turning all night.

That was nearly four months ago and I have yet had to take a single dose of pain reliever.  I haven't had a headache in over a month and any problems I had concentrating have been completely resolved. Chiropractic has become just as important for my lifestyle as exercising, eating well, and getting good quality rest.  

Dr. Wussow and his staff are courteous, professional, and truly good-hearted.  I would highly recommend anyone to his office.

B.P. - Madison

Over the past 20 years I've had good experiences with chiropractic, massage therapy and acupuncture.  I did however always feel that after some time, I would revert back to the same uncomfortable and sometimes painful conditions that brought me to seek help.  I knew that there was something missing and I now feel that I'm finding that missing component by working with Dr. Brian Wussow.  
I first heard about Dr. Wussow through a friend.  She went through a physical and emotional transformation that I just had to ask her about.  She had been receiving chiropractic care for years, but like me always ended up back where she started.  At some point she underwent some testing and nutritional counseling with Dr. Wussow, and after modifying her diet, began to look and feel better week after week.  She eventually got to a place where she is much more healthy than I've ever know her to be.  She continues working with Dr. Wussow but her appointments are for mild tune-ups instead of major overhauls like they had been for years.
Part of my work with Dr. Wussow has been taking part in the Eat Well, Move Well and Think Well series of seminars that he presents.  To be honest I almost did not participate in these classes because I didn't think that I would learn anything new.    I have a degree in nutritional science.  I've been an active person all my life.  I'm not overweight.   But when I thought about my friend's experience I decided to go ahead and see what I might get out of it.  I'm really glad that I did because although some of the information is not new to me, the way that it is presented really hit home.   I'm realizing the choices that I make every day have a huge impact on my health and well being.  I'm learning techniques to help me to choose to eat even better, to move more and to modify my thinking to promote a healthier attitude.  I'm taking more responsibility for my health, and thanks to Dr. Wussow and the education and support that he has provided for me, I have tools to help me maintain consistent health.  
I think that anyone could benefit from these seminars and encourage you to see what they can do for you.

S.M. - Madison, WI

I learned about Dr. Wussow from my husband.  He had been seeing Dr. Wussow for over a year and he was pleased with his chiropractic results.  He urged me to see Dr. Wussow for several chronic conditions that were being treated with traditional medical care and medications.

My health concerns at the onset of treatment were widespread and complicated.  I have a rare condition called Chiari Maformation that impacts the central nervous system.  I had severe headaches and wide spread pain throughout my body.  I was spending most of my time in bed due to the pain.  My life was centered around pain.

My life and health have changed significantly since beginning treatment with Dr. Wussow.  I have gained back my life.  I am able to do activities that I had not done in over ten years.  I now enjoy living!  I am out of bed and I am making up for lost time.  Thought I continue to have health issues, I am more confident that my health will improve.  My spirit has been revived!!

Dr. Wussow and his wonderful staff have been my cheerleaders.  The atmosphere in the office is charged with enthusiasm and caring.  I have always been treated with dignity and TLC.  Dr. Wussow has been wonderful to me.  He has gone above and beyond my expectations.

R.O. - Middleton

I heard about Wussow Chiropractic through a friend who, much like myself, was plagued with back issues.  She was absolutely ecstatic over Dr. Wussow and highly recommended him to me.  She couldn't have been more correct.  I've been going to Wussow Chiropractic for about a year now.  I continue to be impressed over and over again at the competent care that I receive.  I've gone to numerous chiropractors over the course of my life - even checking out two new ones earlier this year that would be covered under my insurance - and I can truly say that Brian stands head and shoulders above the rest.  Without even being told, he has often zeroed in on a trouble spot.  He has adjusted everything from my jaw (which was out as the result of a dentist visit) to my shoulder to my ankles and knees.  And, of course, let's not forget my back.  Despite the curvature in my spine, Brian has managed to keep me pain free - or when the pain starts coming, I know it's time for a visit.  I simply can't say enough about Dr. Wussow.  He possesses, in my mind, a God-given talent.  His impact on my life and my health has been immense.  Brian is the utmost professional - skilled, extremely knowledgeable, caring, and humorous to boot.  My visits to Wussow Chiropractic are always enjoyable - the staff is incredibly friendly and accommodating, and the care I receive is of the highest quality.  I would highly recommend Dr. Wussow to anyone in need of chiropractic care.  They simply don't come any finer.

~JH. Madison, WI


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